Navisworks + 3D Mouse

Optimize construction workflows

Unlock the full potential of Navisworks software by incorporating a 3D mouse into your workflow, especially designed for professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction. This advanced tool enhances the way you navigate and interact with 3D models, providing superior control and precision for detailed project reviews and collaboration.

With a 3D mouse, users can effortlessly zoom, pan, and rotate complex models, simplifying the process of exploring large-scale projects and identifying potential design issues. This is crucial for efficient clash detection, accurate coordination, and ensuring that projects stay on track and within budget.

The ergonomic benefits of a 3D mouse also contribute significantly to user comfort, reducing strain on the wrist and hand during long hours of operation. This not only makes working more enjoyable but also increases productivity by minimizing fatigue.

Compatibility with Navisworks is seamless, as most 3D mice offer plug-and-play functionality that integrates easily into your existing setup. By using a 3D mouse, you can enhance your ability to navigate complex models, improve project accuracy, and streamline workflows in Navisworks, ultimately leading to better project outcomes.