NX + 3D Mouse

Accelerate design-to-manufacturing

Transform your NX Siemens software experience with a 3D mouse, the ultimate tool for precision and efficiency in 3D design. Seamlessly navigate through your models with intuitive control, effortlessly zooming, panning, and rotating to focus on intricate details. By integrating a 3D mouse into your workflow, you enhance both productivity and creativity, allowing for smoother, more immersive design sessions.

The ergonomic design of a 3D mouse reduces strain on your hand and wrist, promoting comfort during extended periods of modeling. Compatible with NX Siemens software, integrating a 3D mouse is seamless, ensuring a hassle-free transition and immediate improvements in your design process.

Ideal for engineers, designers, and CAD professionals, a 3D mouse is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to elevate their NX Siemens projects to new heights of precision and efficiency. Experience the future of 3D design with NX Siemens and a 3D mouse, where every movement is a step closer to perfection.