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What customers saying

A SpaceMouse will make you around 50% faster with CAD
It's the best "productivity tool” I can think of for guys like me. If you think it's not for you, as I did years ago, I encourage you to stick with it for one week - you will never go back. I effectively lost 10 years of work by not using it!

Mickey Wakefield, Fusion Evangelist at Autodesk

With the support of 3D Input devices from 3Dconnexion we can now seamlessly create,
review, and evaluate 3D models on 3D Creator (3DEXPERIENCE® platform) while also
creating organic shapes and complex surfaces with unparalleled speed.

Andreas Spieler, Technical Director - Central European Countries at Dassault Systèmes

There aren't many organizations that devote their efforts to making life easier for
designers, engineers and architects. 3Dconnexions SpaceMouse and CadMouse products
do exactly that.

At Dean. Editor in chief at DEVEL0P3D Magazine

The closest that you can get to hold the model in your hand. Not only that, but the SpaceMouse will also help you be more productive, save you a lot of mouse clicks, and will allow you to do things you couldn't do before or didn’t even think
are possible.

Ben Korez, owner of Fusion 360 Newbies YouTube channel &

Less movements, more efficiency
A SpaceMouse is for me|-the ultimate essential Sci-Fi tool for a designer. Using two hands for bringing to life my projects is the top of the comfort, and design has never been so smooth and fast since i have started using it many years ago.

Andrea Olivieri, Mechanical Engineer and YouTuber - 67Lab