Archicad + 3D Mouse

Shape the future with complete portfolio development tools

Unlock the full potential of Archicad with a 3D mouse, the perfect tool for architects and designers seeking enhanced precision and efficiency in their 3D modeling and drafting. A 3D mouse revolutionizes the way you interact with Archicad, enabling fluid, intuitive control over your digital environment.

With a 3D mouse, you can effortlessly pan, zoom, and rotate your architectural models, allowing for seamless exploration and modification of complex structures. This advanced navigation capability improves the design process by offering a more natural and engaging way to view and edit projects, which is particularly useful during the creative phases of architectural design.

Moreover, the ergonomic benefits of a 3D mouse help reduce strain on the hand and wrist, significantly lowering the risk of repetitive strain injuries commonly associated with prolonged computer use. This makes long design sessions more comfortable and sustainable.

Most 3D mice are compatible with Archicad, offering plug-and-play functionality that makes integration straightforward. Enhance your Archicad workflow with a 3D mouse to experience improved productivity, better design precision, and increased comfort in your architectural projects.