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Wireless 3D Mouse

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SpaceMouse Wireless – Advanced 3D Navigation Anywhere The modern engineering workspace has become more diverse, flexible and mobile. Whether reviewing 3D drawings with colleagues or presenting design ideas in a meeting room, SpaceMouse Wireless offers professionals the functionality to navigate efficiently in 3D applications, wherever they may be. The 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor allows effortless manipulation of digital content and camera...

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All You Need for an Efficient, Mobile Engineering Performance You don’t always work in the same place and your devices need to be designed to meet your needs as a mobile engineer. With the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit 2 we hit those requirements and offer you durable, wireless devices for a two-handed approach to CAD. This makes engineering more efficient and...

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SpaceMouse Pro Wireless – The Engineering Standard for Mobile Workspaces SpaceMouse Pro Wireless offers the power, versatility and customization expected of a 3Dconnexion product in a format purpose-built for engineers, architects or designers on the move. Users will enjoy the precision 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor, where gently pushing, pulling, twisting and tilting the 3Dconnexion controller cap creates a simple and intuitive...

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CadMouse Pro Wireless - The Precision Ergonomic Mouse for CAD Professionals CadMouse Pro Wireless is the full-size mouse designed specifically for the modern CAD professional. Its superior ergonomic design includes ideal button distribution, an angled shape and incurvated thumb rest for a more natural hand placement, a dedicated middle mouse button created explicitly to suit a CAD professional’s needs and...

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CadMouse Pro Wireless Left - The Left-Side Solution for CAD Professionals CadMouse Pro Wireless Left is the full-size, left-side solution for modern CAD professionals. It not only gives left-handed users a precision CAD tool designed with them in mind, but CAD professionals who require a left-side transition to avoid the Chronic Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) so many experience through long...

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CadMouse Compact Wireless – Designed for the Mobile CAD Specialist With 3Dconnexion’s commitment to comfortable and healthy usability, the wireless mouse enjoys compact ergonomic design, combining sleek aesthetics, efficiency, and precise calibration. Benefiting from the CadMouse family’s ergonomic and technological refinements, CadMouse Compact Wireless promises top-level wireless performance in a conveniently compact body. Lightweight and agile, it enjoys a meticulously...