Unity + 3D Mouse


Elevate your workflow and efficiency

Elevate your Unity development experience with the integration of 3Dconnexion's 3D mouse, designed to transform how creators navigate and interact within 3D environments. This innovative tool, supported by 3Dconnexion's compatibility with Unity software, offers precision control for digital artists and developers, making it easier to bring your visions to life. The 3D mouse enhances workflow efficiency and boosts creativity by providing an immersive, intuitive way to navigate through your projects. Whether you're designing intricate game environments or crafting detailed 3D models, the 3D mouse paired with Unity software opens up new possibilities for dynamic creation and editing.

Learn how to seamlessly integrate this technology into your Unity workflow and customize your 3Dconnexion device for peak performance, ensuring that your design process is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. With over 300 supported 3D design applications, including Unity, the 3D mouse by 3Dconnexion is a game-changer for creative professionals looking to enhance their digital artistry.