Shapr3D + 3D Mouse

Make your design flow

Unlock the full potential of Shapr3D software with a 3D mouse. Experience unparalleled precision and control as you sculpt your designs with effortless ease. Our 3D mice seamlessly integrate with Shapr3D, enhancing your workflow and productivity. Say goodbye to tedious navigation and hello to fluid, intuitive design creation.

With a 3D mouse, you can manipulate your models with unparalleled dexterity, revolutionizing your CAD experience. Whether you're sketching concepts or refining intricate details, the ergonomic design and customizable controls of our 3D mice empower you to work faster and more efficiently.

Don't let traditional input methods limit your creativity. Upgrade to a 3D mouse and elevate your design process to new heights in Shapr3D. Explore our range of compatible devices and take your CAD journey to the next level today.