Price Match

We will match any price in Canada by 10% of the difference! If you even find a lower price in Canada after 30 days we will provide you with the 10% difference refund as well. 

Here are the program specifics: 

-  If the product was purchased from us; it must be within 30 days for it to be considered.

- Price must include all shipping costs 

- The 3D Mouse must be from 3D Connexion with the exact name and model number of the product being compared on

- The product price must not be a result of a misprint, error or special sale price. The special sales prices include Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Educational Pricing, Mail order rebates, Special Coupons, Restricted offers, Bonus gifts or offers, premiums, OEM prices, clearances, close-outs or finance incentive offers. 

- The product must be shipped and sold by and authorized 3D Connexion dealer or retailer in Canada (you will need to check the dealers policy to confirm).

- The 3D Mouse must be in stock and available for purchase; not limited time offers or for a specific quantity

- The price must be in Canadian Dollars ($CAD) and must include all additional shipping fees, environmental fees and other associated costs.

- If a product has been already purchased; refunds will only be provided via PayPal; therefore you must have a PayPal account. This is regardless of how the initial purchase was made. For example: if the initial purchase was made my direct payment on our website by credit card we will only be able provide a refund of 10% of the difference via PayPal.

- If this is a new purchase the discount will be provided prior to making the purchase on our website. The discount will be provided via coupon code and you must contact us prior to making the purchase so the code can be issued. 

- The price must be listed online and a valid link must be provided to the authorized 3D Connexions dealer / retailers website. The price match does not apply to verbal / voice offers via telephone. Email correspondence is acceptable and the email must be forwarded with approval from the originating sender.

- Price match does not apply to Education products

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us anytime. We look forward to your business.