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CadMouse Compact


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Compact Ergonomics for CAD Specialists

The 3Dconnexion CadMouse Compact is the ultimate wired mouse specifically suited for design and engineering professionals who prefer to use a compact form factor for their hand size and grip type. Renowned for having originated the formula for optimal performance and top comfort, the CadMouse family is continually improved with research-based ergonomic refinements.
CadMouse Compact is developed with advanced ergonomics to offer ever more comfortable and quiet use over long CAD sessions. Demonstrating 3Dconnexion’s refined precision technology in a compact body, CadMouse Compact caters to individual needs and preferences.

Superior Ergonomics

With its commitment to ensuring comfortable and healthy usability, CadMouse Compact enjoys the innovative ergonomics that define the CadMouse line. The lightweight mouse is ideal for those who frequently switch environments, requiring faster and more agile movement. The compact formfactor is perfect for multiple grip modes, particularly the fingertip grip style. 3Dconnexion has met a design challenge by introducing a dedicated middle mouse button despite a compact body which provides a more comfortable, precise click requiring less force than scroll wheel clicks on traditional mice. In a standard two-button mouse, a typical wheel click requires on average between 200gf and 300gf, which causes strain from repetitive movements. 3Dconnexion’s technological breakthrough has allowed the CadMouse line to reduce the required pressure up to four times less, thanks to
reduced actuation force. This provides a more delicate, precise click requiring less force than scroll wheel clicks on traditional mice. Together, these features create an experience that greatly reduces the muscle and tendon discomfort frequently encountered during long working sessions.

Ultimate Precision

3Dconnexion’s technological advancements give the CadMouse line the promise of ever reliable and consistent pointer control, regardless of mouse movement. Thanks to the synergy between the mouse feet material, comprised of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), with the CadMouse Pad, a perfected equilibrium between static and dynamic friction is created, giving users the finest precision. Without this level of perfectionism, mouse sensitivity is undermined because of movement resistance resulting in an imprecise pointer control.
CadMouse Compact guarantees smooth, precision movements long after the average mouse. It also promises zero smoothing, acceleration or filtering for quality results on every project thanks to a high-resolution optical sensor and polling rate up to 1,000Hz, which all create the most precise mouse suited for the CAD professional’s daily working needs.

Durability to Last

The CadMouse family is continually refining its technology with science-backed research and findings. Because the average CAD expert clicks many thousands of times during a standard workday, the mouse is designed to handle over 50 million clicks to its buttons. It is engineered with the best resistant materials and components for greater durability, giving users mechanical longevity a CAD professional should expect from a premium product. 3Dconnexion supports CadMouse Compact with a 2-year warranty. This, combined with its built-to-last design, means CAD professionals will experience high-quality use of CadMouse with additional piece of mind.

Fluid Navigation and Adaptable control

The CadMouse family is renowned for its exclusive Smart Mouse Wheel along with its Smart Scroll capability. It offers several advanced scrolling modes based on activity, which alter scroll behavior to adapt to the software and when necessary, to apply more precise control.
The Tick-to-Tick function, specific to CAD applications, allows users to zoom in and out of models and drawings with exceptional seamlessness.
For other environments, specifically in browsing or document viewing, the Smooth Scroll function offers a reliable scroll after each first flick, which gives, for example, consistency in the number of pages a user usually skips. With an additional flick the QuickScroll function takes effect and allows to fly over very large documents or lengthy webpages. Finally, approaching the end of the scroll event, an additional Tick activates Read Scroll to enter a slower pace modality.
The QuickZoom feature allows to zoom in and out of models and drawings with a level of exceptional finesse while automatically centering the drawing to where the cursor is. By pressing the thumb’s buttons one zooms in and out of the cursor’s position; and fine tunes the zoom level by continuing to keep the corresponding button pressed.

Easy Access to Application Commands

Also exclusive to the CadMouse Compact is the Top Button, which opens an application or environment-specific Radial Menu that is gesture-controlled and customizable, giving users quick access to their favorite commands with a swift mouse gesture.